Our Industry-Leading R&D Team Works For You

Our industry-leading R&D team has the insight, experience and dedication needed to help you achieve success, from reformulation to new product development to identifying trends and opportunities that set you apart from your competition.

Collaborative Approach

Meeting your needs takes more than great products. It demands a customer-focused partnership that generates innovative, on-trend solutions with timing that creates a competitive advantage.

Examples of Products Developed for Specific Applications:

Fruit Fillings:

Fruit Fillings:

Fruit particles suspended in a stable matrix, so that the fruit stays in place during baking. Our fruit fillings include sweet cherry and blueberry.

Applications: Breakfast compotes, pastry fillings as for strudels, tarts, turnovers, Danish, muffin center, etc.

Fruit Preps:

Fruit Preps:

Fruit preparations bring fruit identity, color, and flavor together in a matrix which allows even fruit distribution into finished products.  Gums, pectin or starches may be used to provide stability in baking or freeze thaw stability in frozen products.

Applications: Parfaits, dairy products, and baked goods.

Fruit Purees:

Fruit Purees:

Purees provide fruit texture, color, and flavor in a fine particle size which allows the fruit to pass through a straw and pump easily in processing equipment.

Applications: Smoothies, frozen fruit bars, gelato, sorbet.


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