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Conserving and enhancing wildlife habitat

From using cherry pits as road covers, earthworms for soil management, swapping out harsh chemicals for natural pesticides, and investing our profits back into Oregon Cherry Growers family-owned farms, sustainability is weaved into every part of our operations. The beautiful Pacific Northwest offers everything our growers need to produce some of the best fruit products in the world, and we’re invested in keeping it that way.

Oregon Cherry Growers sustainability guidelines include:

  • Protect and conserve water resources
  • Protect and enhance soil resources
  • Reduce waste through composting and mulching practices
  • Reduce the use of pesticides, using Integrated Pest Management control methods
  • Conserve and enhance wildlife habitat
  • Conserve and recycle nutrients
  • Produce safe, wholesome, high-quality food products
  • Produce crops without genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
Oregon Cherry Growers Sustainability The Dalles Salem Oregon Northwest maraschinos

Cherry pits as road coverage

In addition to adhering to these sustainability regulations on our farms and throughout our product supply chain, we’re committed to ensuring the sustainability of the people who make our co-operative so special. Most farms are owned or operated by second- or third-generation Oregon Cherry Growers family members. 

Our profits are shared with our grower owners, which means they go back into supporting the integrity of our orchards, the safe processing of our produce, and the research and development of new products.


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