Since its introduction in 1987, “Cherry Garcia” has maintained its title as one of Ben & Jerry’s fan-favorite flavors. What makes Cherry Garcia a reigning favorite? Maybe we’re biased, but we think it has something to do with the cherries themselves – which come from Oregon Cherry Growers.

Ben and Jerry’s puts an emphasis on every part of the ice cream-making process, sourcing the highest-quality ingredients and tracking each step those ingredients make in their journey from farm to freezer. So, it’s fitting that the cherries for Cherry Garcia come from our grower-owned cooperative. Dark, sweet cherries are cultivated on our multi-generational farms and processed using Fair Trade and non-GMO ingredients, all of which syncs nicely with the Ben & Jerry’s brand mission.

Processing over 6,000 tons of fresh cherries each harvest season, Oregon Cherry Growers is the largest producer of cherries used to make maraschinos and ingredient cherries that go into dried fruit snack and ice cream products. But this doesn’t mean the cherries we provide for Cherry Garcia are a commodity; as we’re able to do with all our ingredient customers, we developed a proprietary process and recipe specifically for Ben and Jerry’s, ensuring a unique and consistent, high-quality ingredient for all our customers.

To learn more about our work with Ben & Jerry’s, including a breakdown of the process for making Cherry Garcia cherries, read a full interview between Ben & Jerry’s and Oregon Cherry Growers CEO Tim Ramsey here.